Fire Safety

This week, we have been learning all about fire safety. We talked about all the different things we can do to make sure we stay safe in our homes.

We learnt about what to do if any part of your clothes catches fire.

We learnt about how to stay safe around matches and lighters. We listened to the story- Frances the firefly and learnt all about what can happen if you play with fire and how dangerous it can be.

As a class, we discussed what to do if a fire were to break out!

Finally, we learnt all about what firefighters do and wear as part of their amazing job. We learnt that not all parts of their job involve fire and how they are a vital part of our society. We even got to try some real fire kit on!


In P.E we have been learning about how to work well as a team. We chose our own groups and worked really well together to compete in some relay races.

We did many races, including a running relay, a jumping relay and a hopping relay. We had to focus on working as a team to make sure each person was able to start their part of the race holding the bean bag.

As a class, we then decided which team should win based on their scores in the races and on their teamwork! We decided this team were the winners, because their brilliant efforts meant that not only did they win some of the races but they were the most supportive of other teams as well.

Year 2 have decided that it doesn’t matter if you win or not, as long as you try your hardest and work well with your team!