This week in Year 2, we have been learning all about pointillist art. We looked at a talented pointillist artist, called George Seurat. We observed the style that he created his brilliant pieces of artwork in. We talked about how different it is to our normal style of painting, using flat brush strokes.

We practised the skills of pointillism, using paint and on ‘Paint a picture’ on Purple Mash.

Once we had practised the skills and the style of pointillism, we had a go at creating a butterfly, using our prior knowledge of symmetry.

We found it very tricky but we persevered and created some beautiful artwork in the style of George Seurat.

The Americas

We had some very special visitors on Wednesday afternoon. Some real Native Americans!

They were very informative and taught us many interesting things we didn’t know! We learnt all about what their different outfits mean. We especially enjoyed hearing about their daughter, Danielle. It was amazing to see how different children in a different part of the world grow up.

Some children even got to try on some of their beautiful native clothing!

We learnt about their use of animals. We thought it was amazing how during conflict, the children would wear a wolf skin on their back and crawl around the forest, to avoid getting hurt!

We learnt some Native American silly songs to take back to class with us, one of them included Spongebob Squarepants! We even learnt how to sing ‘Gummy Bear’ in a traditional Native American way. It was very special to see how even though we are different in so many ways, there are still things we enjoy that are the same!

Finally, we learnt a special dance called the Serpent dance. We found it a little bit tricky because we had to work with a team (there were over 60 of us) but it was very fun!

We had an excellent afternoon, learning all about Native Americans and we cannot wait to continue our learning back in our classroom!