Twycross Zoo

On Tuesday 5th February, we went to the zoo! We had a really great time learning about lots of different animals!

We loved going to the zoo with our friends, it was very special to see lots of amazing animals! We especially enjoyed watching the penguins waddle across the walkway to get their food.

We have lots of favourite animals, but what is yours?

Gone to the shops!

In Year 2, we are learning all about money. Today each table in Year 2 turned into a shop! We had to find lots of different ways to make certain amounts, before we could then buy the items we wanted to. Our shopkeepers did a super job, checking everyone had given the correct amount and giving any change back if needed.

We found a penguin egg!

This morning, we received a very unexpected letter! It led us on a hunt for clues to help us find something very special.

We searched high and low through the school and eventually found a penguin egg hiding in Mrs Bargh’s office, underneath her chair! We were very excited and are going to keep the egg very safe until the Mummy penguin comes back for it.

Christmas time in Year 2

In Year 2, we have extremely enjoyed all the special things we have done in December. These include, making Christmas cards, making Festive cookies and making some snowflakes to decorate our classroom.

During our Christmas party, we heard some magical bells ringing outside our classroom, it was Santa! He spent some time with us and told us all about his reindeers and Mrs Claus. He even gave us all a present!

We all took part in our KS1 Christmas play, Prickly Hay. Miss Fraser is so proud of every one of us in Year 2 and it was a fabulous end to 2018.

The Great Fire of London

On Monday, we enjoyed a History morning learning all about The Great Fire of London. We worked in groups to recreate the timeline of the event, including key facts and some fantastic pictures! 

Remembrance week

This week we learnt all about Remembrance Day and World War 1. We did some baking using a wartime recipe following ration requirements! We had lots of fun baking together! 
On Friday, we had a special whole school assembly where we performed some wartime songs we have enjoyed practising this week and proudly wore the poppies we had made together.

Halloween day

Before half term, we had a special Halloween day. We wrote our own magic potions in the morning for lots of weird and wonderful things! We did some Halloween maths, using shapes to create pumpkin faces and even decorated some cakes as spooky Halloween creatures and characters!

In the afternoon, we had a party with dancing, games, pass the parcel and we even ate our cakes! We had a really fun day!

Harvest Festival

Today we celebrated the Harvest festival as a whole school. We performed the song we have been practising called ‘Pumpkin Head’ and enjoyed some Harvest bread as a class. 

Frogs life cycle

This week Year 2 went to the woods, to learn all about the life cycle of a frog! As a class we had to search to find the different parts of the life cycle to put back together. Then we made our own life cycles of a frog, using things we could find in the woods.